Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Frazier {Family}

I'm so thankful for this girl. She's a friend from high school and I've been so blessed to grow up with her. Our kiddos are so close in age and I love seeing her as a mama. She has the sweetest spirit and her kiddos KILL ME with their adorableness. Seriously, little sisters chunky cheeks, I can't handle them. And Graham's dimple and smile... I just can't. Frazier family, thank you so much for driving out to me for this session. I'm so honored to do your first family session. Y'ALL KILLED IT!

 photo frazier-133.jpg
 photo frazier-144.jpg
 photo frazier-138.jpg
 photo frazier-135.jpg
 photo frazier-147.jpg
 photo frazier-129dbw.jpg
 photo frazier-140bis.jpg
 photo frazier-134gts.jpg
 photo frazier-150.jpg
 photo frazier-131.jpg
 photo frazier-126.jpg
 photo frazier-132gts.jpg
 photo frazier-130.jpg
 photo frazier-141dbw.jpg


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