Monday, November 23, 2015

Clarks {FAMILY}

These people and THAT LITTLE BOY give me all the feels. Good gravy, he's the cutest thing ever. We ran all over that greenhouse, and he loved every minute. So thankful know this family and do life with them. I could cry I love them so. And Sarah, I know you well enough to say, grab a tissue!

 photo fall2015sessions-087.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-094dbw.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-080bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-098bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-096bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-095bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-102sbw.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-104bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-081dbw.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-089gts.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-082.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-093bis.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-105sbw.jpg
 photo fall2015sessions-092.jpg


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