Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maddie {EP Promo}

Okay, so Maddie went on and on during her session about how "unnatural" she felt she would look in front of the camera. I kept reassuring her that she was doing an amazing job. I'm pumped she can now finally see what I was talking about. This girl can model.

Maddie is releasing an EP soon, and she wanted to get some shots for her cover, promotions, etc. By listening to her music and discussing locations, I quickly got a vision of what I wanted her session to look like & MY GOODNESS WE GOT IT! I love love love love how they turned out and as you will soon tell, I could not for the life of me narrow down her stinkin amazing images. Tell me, would it be weird if I printed some of these and hung them in my office? Because I just love them!

Remember the name Maddie Robinson people. She's going to be huge!;)


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