Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baird {Newborn}

This is Meredith Baird Allen III, but you can call him Baird. He's the squishiest, sweetest, best smelling baby boy around. His mom, Kim, is a dear friend. When she told me she was due in December, I became a little worried about lighting. Most of December here has been foggy and very overcast. Considering that I'm a natural light photographer who usually despises the look of a flash (unless done right), I was a little worried about lighting. Plus, her den is just that, a den. Not much light coming in. So, I spent a few days teaching myself a few tricks with my on camera flash (if any professional photographers out there are reading this and cringing at the words "on camera flash", I totally understand. But why invest in that expensive equipment when it's not the route I will normally take? This is the first time I've every needed it. So, instead, I got creative and made a softbox of sorts for my on camera flash... and it worked beautifully!!!). I'm thankful for the opportunity to push myself creatively. I mentioning this all here because Kim was brave enough to trust me. Thank you thank you thank you Kim for trusting in me!! Hooray for amazing, trusting clients!

Oh!! and can we talk about how stinking cute a newborn baby is with a Christmas tree? Babies and Christmas, I don't believe there is a better combination!

And without further ado, he's seriously adorable:)


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