Monday, December 30, 2013

Addison {Family}

THANK YOU Addison family for supporting our adoption and booking a time slot for our Adoption Fundraiser. I can't adequately express how much it meant to my family. I'm finally able to post their photos now that Christmas has come and gone.

 I've had been emailing Ashley for months prior to meeting her for the first time at our session. She's been through the adoption process already, has used our same agency, and is a book of knowledge on having an interracial family. Her heart shines Jesus, and I've enjoyed getting to know her. She's been praying for our adoption journey from the start despite not even knowing each other. Needless to say, I love this woman and her family. She quickly become a sweet friend and she puts up with my endless adoption questions graciously. I was beyond excited when she purchased a session for our fundraiser. And I can now say, she is as sweet as she can possibly in real life. Thank you Ashley for your endless prayers & supporting our adoption!


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