Friday, October 25, 2013


As you may or may not know, husband and I are in the process of adoption. We are currently through with all of the paper work and simply waiting for a birth mom to choose us. You can learn more about our domestic adoption by watching our Adoption Profile Film.

We still need to raise quite a good bit of money. We will be selling T-shirts soon, so check back here if you are interested in buying one. Several months ago, I started brainstorming about how to use my God given talent of photography to help us raise funds. I thought of an event like this, but I just felt unsettled about it. To be honest, the thought of several mini shoots just seemed like more work than I wanted to take on, and not something I really wanted to even do. Not feeling at peace, I dismissed the idea.

Now enter Lizzy. She's one of my old high school friends. A friend I dearly cherish. Her husband and newborn daughter are serving in Kenya, Africa as missionaries. And they have one Christmas wish... to come home for the Holidays. Airfare, as we all know, isn't the most affordable cost. She emailed me about a month ago proposing what I'm about to introduce to you. I knew after reading her email, this was what the Lord wanted me to do. I had a total peace about it. I will not be offering this every Holiday session. But for this year, my desire is to help bring them home for the Holidays and raise funds to bring our little guy home!

The image above is pretty self-explanatory. Visit Lizzy's Etsy shop HERE to reserve your time slot. Then come out to Conger park (off 51/south of town square) on November 16th at your designated time slot.

Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early!!

Praise the Lord for providing a way to help us bring our son home & the Kitchens home all while getting to serve you! All Glory to Him!!!

DON'T NEED A PHOTO SESSION????? No worries, you can still purchase Christmas Cards from Lizzy's shop. All proceeds go to bringing them home!! 


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