Thursday, April 18, 2013

Miller H. Griffin {Newborn}

I met Valerie through blogging. And oddly enough, I consider her a dear friend. We've anticipated the arrival of sweet Miller together and shared many a texts about motherhood. I was so honored when she asked me to shoot his newborn. I love newborns, mainly because I've had one and the stage is just so precious. I'm a huge fan of lifestyle newborn sessions. There's something about just letting the baby be a baby in their natural setting without all the hats, gizmos, and backdrops that just makes me swoon. Don't get me wrong, sometimes, when done right, those kinds of sessions can be breath taking, and a baby is still pretty darn adorable no matter what kind of session. But personally, for me, I just love this style. So thankful Valerie did too!

Without further ado, meet Mr. Miller. He's alert. He's wide eyed most of the time. He's got an incredible tan. He's handsome. He's his daddy's hero. He's a gem. I really could go on and on;)

&&& just in case those weren't enough... I posted two more images on my personal blog as a teaser a few weeks back. You can see them here:)


  1. SOOOOOO incredible, Kate!! Oh my goodness. Newborn lifestyle is the best! You have a gift, my friend! Miller is so sweet, and wow, does Valerie ever look fabulous. You rocked this session!! xo


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