Friday, July 27, 2012

We are having a.... {PERSONAL}

Canaan Allen Kubler

Why we took pictures? 

I saw the idea to take pictures of us finding out on a blog. I loved the idea and so did Josh. We almost backed out, but I'm SO glad we didn't!! We thought it would be torture waiting after the ultrasound, but it was the exact opposite. After the ultrasound, we had to wait back in the lobby. It would have been so unexciting if that was the time we would be celebrating. Besides, during the ultrasound, I am laid up on a table, and I would not have been able to celebrate or hug Josh if that is when we had found out. The whole experience would have been so uneventful. We were thrilled the baby was healthy, and we got to see every part of him but the gender area. 

We met our friend, Evan, immediately after. It was such a sweet moment. We were really hoping for a boy, but we just knew it would be a girl. I think that is why Josh got so excited and pulled me up:) I love our reactions and everything was so unplanned and candid. This was a way better experience. I totally recommend it to anyone!

I will cherish these pictures forever. We are definitely doing this with every baby. If we don't take pictures, we will definitely still have the doctor write it down, and we will open it after. So much fun!

Mister C,
 I am so ready for you to be here. 


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